Thursday, December 12, 2013

Around the House......

I've been really slack with my blogging over the past month & decided this morning that I would try & spark my creative writing juices by doing a repeat of a journaling prompt that I've used before.

*Outside my window-- The sun is shining, the cows are out in the field & there's a fine sheet of ice on our swimming pool. Love watching the cardinals 'walk on water' ;-)

*I'm thinking-- that I need to get up from here & go get a shower & get buys with my chores for the day.


*I am thankful for-- That both my college kiddos are home now!


*In the kitchen-- There is a sink full of dirty dishes that need attention. How does all that multiply AFTER supper time when everything has been cleaned up & put away??


*I'm wearing-- Red flannel pj pants, a red LU t-shirt & a black hoodie.

*I'm creating-- some crocheted dishcloths today.


*I'm hoping-- that maybe I can get my Christmas cards mailed today.


*I'm hearing-- the blower on the woodstove & Matt Redman singing 'Here for You'


*Around the house-- I have boxes & bags piled everywhere, it mentioned two college kids just came they are still getting stuff unpacked & put away.
Counting My Blessings:
*The smell of our Christmas tree*watching all the cardinals outside*Hand-me-down-clothes*Lunch with my girlie yesterday*Having ALL my kiddos home*Sunny weather for moving the kids back home*Getting to visit with Judy, Dan & Brendan before they left*Compliment from Donna---you made my heart smile!*Music*looking at old scrapbook & recalling special memories*Alli's twinkly Christmas lights upstairs---such a cozy glow*Laughter---it's such a good medicine!*

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Cindy Gay said...

Have you heard the song "Dirty Dishes". Love it! Happy Holidays Amy!