Saturday, July 28, 2007

Finally getting a chance to sit down & chill. We had a really fun day today......Danielle, Greg & the kids came for a visit. The visit was actually to bring us their old bunk beds & kitchen set.....we've been trying to do this for ages now & it just hasn't worked out with Clay's work schedule & all. They got here around 4pm & we visited awhile & then they guys ran out to Vitos to get pizza for supper.....just too hot to cook in my non-ACed kitchen! Then after supper, the boys wanted to take Dillon down to the pond to fish a bit, so we all tagged along too. Of course, Ella & I had fun taking pics of everyone! After they left around 9pm we went outside to watch the fireworks from Camp Jeep out at Oakridge. They were really awesome!! Best we've seen in a long time. Think I'm headed upstairs now to finish my book....was ALMOST done this afternoon when they got here. I already picked the second one up at the library yesterday.

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