Friday, July 27, 2007

Fabulous Friday

Ok, it's been FOREVER since I posted, but several of my scrappin' buddies have started blogs & after reading theirs, I decided to give this a 'go' once more. I really do need to keep up.....several of my friends have said how they enjoy checking out my blog.....& I really enjoy going back & reading over my entries. So....Today, I have to run some errands for Clay & pick up a few groceries. The girls are going with me of course....any excuse to get out of the house & SHOP!

I am in the middle of TWO summer cyber crops online...trying to keep up with both & getting LOTS of layouts done. Will have to post a few of my recent creations soon.

Also been doing alot of reading this summer & happened upon a new author...Jennifer Chiaverini. Her novels about Elm Creek manor are awesome....well, the first one is. Almost done with it, but I fell asleep reading last night. Can't wait to get the second one. I plan on stopping by the library today while I'm out. The first book called 'The Quilter's Apprentice' has really given me the bug for wanting to quilt. HA! Like I need another crafty hobby.....but I REALLY am itching to do this. We had talked a few years back about starting a quilting/sewing class with our little Homeschool group. Several had expressed an interest in learning to sew/quilt & teaching their young girls to do the same. I'm seriously thinking about working this up for this coming fall. Hope we can get something planned....I think it would REALLY be fun!!

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Jo said...

I have always wanted to learn how to quilt, but I don't think I have time to throw it in the mix right now, but that sounds like a neat idea!

I am making links to everyone's blog on mine, so stopped by today. Trying to be a good girl and leave comments too - those are always nice, yes?