Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back Online Again..........FINALLY!

After about two weeks of being disconnected from the outside world......I'm finally able to get back online again. Our computer got zapped during a thunderstorm & we've been round & round trying to get back online again. And let's just say that it's been a tad bit of a pain to keep running out to the library every few days just to check email. That being said....I figured since I'm on the 'New' computer, that I'd just upload a pile of pics & fill you in on what's been happening here over the past several weeks.

Back up to April 17......Chris, Ashley, Jon & I went to see Caleb, Tenth Avenue North & Casting Crowns in concert at TRBC. What an awesome night it was!!

The boys have been doing a ton of fishing over the past month or so. They are big time into Striper fishing at Smith Mountain Lake now. Here's just a few of the big ones they've caught.
This one that Clay caught was about 13 lbs.

Michael caught this 10 pounder!

More Striper!! Talk about some gooooood eating!!

Mother's Day at Maw's house. We all got together after church & grilled out. It was a really nice afternoon.

May 13th.......finals are over, things are in the process of getting packed up & Chris is cleaning the windows getting ready for his 'White Glove'

Ashley & Jon had a blast helping Chris move home. You would just never imagine how we could possibly have our van loaded down & Chris' car too. How does one person accumulate so much stuff in one year?? And multiply that times two other guys sharing a DO they fit all that stuff on one small dorm room? LOL

Junior year is finished! Wow...they will be SENIORS next year!
Chris, Matt, Jon & Ashley. I have GOT to get a picture of Damian sometime before these guys graduate....he seems to never be around when I'm there with my camera.

My oldest son.....the Alien! LOL.....there's a story behind that too. ;-)

Chris & Ashley.....her BD is actually today. Happy Birthday, Ashley C.! But some of her friends decided to throw her a surprise party right before school was out so they could all help her celebrate.

Was getting ready to leave for town last Fri. when I turned around & noticed that Charlie was in the sink! Don't ask.....I don't know.....I just grabbed my camera & took some pics. LOL

Ashley afghan that I finally finished last week. She had picked out the pattern & colors that she wanted before Christmas....but with all the Christmas projects that needed to get done, I told her I'd start on it the first of the year. That didn't take me too long, I don't think.

MaLady's newest batch of kitties....well, two of them at least. The top one is Abby & the bottom one is Fletcher. ;-)

It's that time of year again.....Skippy's raking the hay! Love it when they cut/bale the hay.....smells SO good!


Patti said...

It is so good to have you back and for my Walton fix!!!! Great pics!

Momofgirls said...

Phew! What an update! Maybe that will motivate ME to catch up! I have been knee deep in graduation stuff so I will have to do a long one too!

Glad you are back! My internet has been acting weird and Scott is at CAMP! I hope it will stay on or I will make him come home to check on it!

Fatcat said...

Welcome back!

Babydoll said...

Wow!! You've been busy! Welcome back to Cyberworld!! I love love love that afghan! Cute!

Sandee said...

Your afghan is beautiful! If only I lived closer, I'd try to adopt that little Abby cat!