Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just Singin' in the Rain.....

The other evening there came up one of those cool spring rain know the kind....where the sun is still kind of shining & it's just a nice easy rain. Well, I looked out front & there was Michael & Alli running around out in the field just laughing & playing & enjoying the rain. Next thing I know Ashley is out there with them & so I thought 'what the heck...' it's times like this that make I ran & grabbed my camera & joined them!

'I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me & the earth.'
Genesis 9:13

Memorial Day cook-out at Maw's house.

The kids decided it would be fun to play a game of 'Chubby Bunny'. So we had the big guys play....Chris, Jon & Michael....couldn't get Dillon to join them. was a hoot to say the least!! Chris had been eliminated at this point. Jon won by stuffing a whopping 6 large marshmallows into his mouth! GAG!! Then we did the girls....Cori, Alli & Anna played......I think Alli won, if I remember correctly. But they didn't get near the number of marshmallows in their mouths that the boys did.

We are so blessed with family & friends! We had a total blast that night!!

Things got a little crazy when they started doing the Chicken Dance....

Then Sarah joined them for the Macarena.....

Throw in a little 'Storm Trooper' dance.....

And end it all with a 'Hoedown Throwdown'

Love this pic of Jon with Taylor sitting in his lap. All the little kids just love him to death & hang all over him & want to play with him. I see here the makings of a good Daddy!

Ashley has been wanting a Willow tree forever & it just so happens that while Clay & the boys were in Lowes about a week ago, that they happened to find out that all their trees were on sale....something like 75% off! So, he was able to get Ashley her willow tree for about $6. He's planted out in the corner of our yard near the garden & his name is 'Willoughby'. We also got several other fruit tress....apples, pears, peaches, etc. Clay wants to bush hog the area right out from our yard where the huge old pine tree used to be & make that into our little orchard.

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Sandee said...

What great pictures! If y'all want some rain to dance in, come on over! We've had more than our share the past 3 months!! We were in a drought year but not any more!
Actually, it is supposed to be warming up and things are supposed to get hot right soon. We shall see.
You are quite right about being blessed with a wonderful family surrounding you.
I can see Jon as a teacher or a pediatrician. He really is a natural around kids of any age, (even us elderly ones!)