Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yet Another Girly Day.....

Sandee, I tell ya........as I see it, there's just no other choice but for you to move to VA. LOL! Sunday was Sarah's BD & so yesterday we all got together to celebrate. Danielle & her kids, me, the girls & Maw got together for a fun afternoon. We scrapped & chatted & the kids played......you know how it goes. We had a blast! Then, about 5pm Clay came by when he got off work & picked Alli up (she wanted to go for the day & party, but she really didn't care to do the sleepover part). After they left & Ella left, Maw stayed & we fixed pizza & salad for supper. After which Anna & Daniel were just about to bust a gut to go get an ice cream cone for dessert. So, they took us up the road to this fun little ice cream place where we sat outside at little umbrella-ed tables & enjoyed our ice cream.
After ice cream, Sarah drove us out & showed us the new piece of property they recently purchased. Then it was home & into jammies so we could watch movies. We watched 'Kate & Leopold' because Sarah had never seen it before. The fun continued on today as we hit 3 different Good Will stores & enjoyed lunch at Wendy's.

Ashley had to have me take a picutre of her tater skin......see the cute little smiley face that God placed on her baked potato. How cute is that?!
We came home with several bags full of treasures from Good Will. Ashley found 4 cute tops, I got a pair of jean shorts for Jon, 2 cds- DC Talk & Michael W Smith & 6 books. All for right about $20. I LOVE shopping like that!!
Trying to stay cool now, doing laundry while the kids are watching 'The Two Towers'. Taking the whole family to Smith Mt. Lake tomorrow for some boating, swimming, etc. Should be a fun day....if we survive the heat!

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Sandee said...

I'm telling you....Ashley should have sold that smiley faced spud on e-bay. I bet she would have made a fortune on it!
That ice cream place looks like it belongs on a boardwalk on Coney Island! (Like I would know what Coney Island looks like... only in my mind.)
That was one fun birthday celebration.
Love y'all to pieces,