Thursday, June 24, 2010

Smith Mt. Lake

Yesterday we spent an awesome day at the lake. It had been 5 years since we had all gone & spent the day there as a family. Too long. We commented to each other yesterday evening, as we sat at the picnic table finishing our supper while the kids were playing, about how much easier everything seemed about the day now that the kids were older. No pushing strollers down to the picnic tables, we have three strapping you men who were able to carry the cooler, charcoal, etc. down to the picnic area & there wasn't all that whining & complaining when it was time to leave the beach or the palyground, etc. Granted, I know that means my kids are growing up......but I'm enjoying them so much right where we are right now!! Whoever talks about the 'Terrible Teens' really makes me mad cuz we are totally enjoying all these (more or less) teen-agers that we have now!Alli, Jon & Ashley

Clay with the girls in the boat.....coming in for his next group of riders.
Alli's sandy flip-flops.....don't they just scream SUMMER TIME?!

Our picnic supper.....we grilled chicken & hotdogs. Yum! I should've brought some marshmallows for roasting. Will have to remember that for next time.

My Monkey-Boy, Jon

Looking at the beach across the way from the picnic area.

Jon & Michael......need I say more?

Alli, Jon & Michael playing on the swings.

Jon & Ashley......never grow too 'Old' to play! ;-)

My Clay-Baby!!

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Sandee said...

I'm sure you meant to title that Smith HILL Lake!
Your TEENS are quite special and unique. They are incredible and I am in awe of them.
With the national average hovering around 30% of seniors not graduating from high school, you have exceptional kids. Folks would pay good money to send their kids to your Home School!
Job Well Done to you and Clay!