Sunday, June 13, 2010

Goodness Gracious......

Are these boys crazy or what? I tell ya, they always keep me laughing & I guess that's a good thing, right?! Michael was the 'Star' of all these pics & Jon was the wonderful photographer egging him on. They went Striper fishing this past Thursday night......a relaxing treat for Clay after working so many straight days in a row....but they did get a tiny bit tired & loopy in the you can see. ;-)outside the restrooms at the boat landing at SML
INSIDE the restrooms at SML

Michael's catfish that he caught

So happy to have my oldest 'baby' home for the summer...for real now! Chris finished up his summer school classes on Thurs & then finished up his training for the warehouse at Frito Lay on Friday. He now has a week 'off' to rest & relax before he starts work 'for real' on Friday afternoon. To celebrate, Clay took us out to supper at Pizza Hut. What a nice treat!! After supper, the guys wanted to run by Best Buy....'just real quick.' Yeah, right! Anyways, while the guys went to Best Buy, the girls & I poked around in Pier 1 & Barnes & Noble. As we walked back to meet the guys I snapped this pic. It was so nice outside as we strolled along....Ashley said it felt like being on vacation at the beach.

Chris & Jon playing UFC

Michael checking out some cool gadgets.
I know I'm a ding-a-ling to have my camera out in Best Buy snapping pics....but hey, it was fun!!

Alli had been begging Ashley to make these 'Inside Out' chocolate chip cookies for awhile now, so Ashlehy finally decided to do them last night for a yummy bedtime snack. Will have to post the recipe later on because they REALLY were good!

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