Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Last Song

Monday was another summer fun girly day. We met Ella & Cori & went to go see The Last Song at the dollar theater. Ashley & I had both read the book & were waiting ever so patiently for it to come to the dollar theater. Notice the Clash of the Titans poster right beside The Last Song. ;-) It's an inside joke.......Ashley & I keep saying that we're going to go see that on one of our Girly Days out. LOL After the movie, we met up with Sarah & Chris Bell, Sarah B & her kiddos at Starbucks for a yummy coffee treat.
Sarah, Ashley & Anna sporting their new 'I Love NY' Ts that Sarah brought back after their trip to NYC last week.

Chris & Sarah Bell
Ashely was tickled....she FINALLY got her permit today. We've been meaning to for ages, but something always seemed to come up. Now, lots of driving practice in our future. And before I can turn around it will be time for Jon to get his. YIKES! All these kids are growing up so fast!!

Jon is the proud owner of a new Fender electric guitar. He has been wanting one & has shopped around for a while now & finally bought this one at Best Buy the other day. Our up & coming new musician. ;-)

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Sandee said...

Let me see here.... #1, I'm thankful that I live on this side of the USA since Ashley got her drivers' permit! (just kidding, Ash). #2, what happened to the artist Jon rather than the rock star Jon???? Now I'm REALLY thankful that I live waaaay over here! (not kidding!)
Good luck with all those practice hours on that Fender. Wait a minute, does this mean he will play Freddy Fender's songs? I'm in love with FF!!!!
And by the by, you girls have way too much fun! I'll make "I (heart) Oregon" shirts if y'all come this way!