Friday, June 25, 2010


Just finished reading another awesome book the other day. Idoleyes by Mandisa. The book is terrific but one part in particular I wanted to share here:

'Since graduating from college, I had been living in a quiet & protected goldfish bowl. I worked for a christian company, associated with Christian friends, sang with a Christian group....

I am thankful for my "goldfish bowl" experience, but I also recognize that God as called me to carry His name into the unpredictable roaring sea as well....

Shortly after my first audition aired, I received an email from an aquaintance. She wrote, "I was not happy with your American Idol experience. You do not have to compromise your values & sing secular music to make money & a name for yourself. I just hate that we as the Christian community cannot pay you the same money as the secular, but the rewards are much greater."

......After reading her message, I stared at the computer screen in shock. How could she possibly feel this way? If Christians associated only with other Christians, how would unbelievers come to know Jesus?

Many Christians believe we should remain separate from those who do not share our views & beliefs. They quote 2 Corinthians 6:17 as their rationale: "Come out from among unbelievers & separate yourselves from them." But Paul meant that we should separate ourselves from the sinful practices of those who don't know God. We're not to participate in ungodly activities. Furthermore, Jesus himself endured criticism for talking to fallen women, eating with tax collectors & visiting sinners. He regularly told us that we should let our lights shine out to the world, not hide them under a bushel basket.'

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Sandee said...

Oh my... what kind of a world would we have if we lived surrounded by clones of ourselves?!