Saturday, January 26, 2013

Be Careful Little Ears What You Hear!

Along the lines of what I posted the other day about praising God.....I wanted to share another bit from that same book & also something neat that I experienced.
'I started buying praise & worship songs on tape & later cds. I played them in the care as I drove, in the bathroom when I was drying my hair, in the kitchen as I was cooking, through the house when I was doing housework, or at my desk when I was writing letters or going through the mail. Sometimes I would sing along to them, but other times I would just let the music play through my mind & spirit......Nothing we do is more powerful or more life-changing than praising God. It is one of the means by which God transforms us. Every time we praise & worship Him, His presence comes to dwell in us & changes our hearts & allows the Holy Spirit to soften & mold them into whatever He wants them to be.'
--The Power of A Praying Woman--
Stormie Omartian
So, I do this all the time the car, the radio is set to Spirit FM & here at home, if I'm doing stuff on the computer or in the kitchen, I have my favorite playlists on Spotify & like she says above....even if I'm not singing along, the music is playing & filling my mind. One really neat way that I found out how true this is was the other night. I woke up in the middle of the night to go potty & realized I had this song going through my head. Just a snippet of a song, mind you & what was funny was that I really didn't recognize the song.....just that it was something about 'fire'. Fast forward to this morning & I queued up Matt Redman's  '10,000 Reasons' cd on Spotify & had that playing while I was looking at art journaling stuff when all of a sudden his song entitled 'Fires' starts playing. that I'm not really familiar with....but none the less, this was what was stuck in my head the other night. Makes you really realize how important it is just what we listen to. ;-)

You will keep the fires burning [x4]

We're standing in the desert of dry bones
But still we see Your life
Walking through the valley of shadows
But holding onto light
And we're waiting, waiting on You God
And our hearts will trust, trust in who You are

God who keeps our fires burning
Burning through the darkest night
See the hope in our hearts
The faith in our eyes
You can move the highest mountain
You can keep our dreams alive
You're the joy of our hearts
You're the fire in our eyes

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