Friday, October 27, 2006

Amigos I'm working basically a day behind....this LO was for yesterday's challenge to use some sort of foreign language in your title. When I sat down to scrap this afternoon I pulled out this pic that Danielle had given me of her kids & I immediately thought of the new Cheetah Girls song.....thus my title/journaling.....'Amigos...our friends for life'. It was an awesome photo to begin with & I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

Just got back from taking Chris to meet up with the Youth Group from church. Lewis & Lindsay Widener were taking our group of teens to a 'Lock-In' over in Waynesboro for the night. They will get back about 10:15am tomorrow morning. Not exactly my idea of fun....staying up all night long....but he was looking forward to it & I know he will have fun. Me....I'm just going to curl up by the fire & sip a nice hot cup of coffee. ;-)

A little more of our 'Unschooling' news....the kids(the older ones) have really been into wanting to watch 'scarey' movies these past few weeks. Anyway, since they are soooo into this we're using it as a learning experience....HOW, you may ask....Well, the movies they've been allowed to watch, Chris & Ashley have written movie reviews for me.....ya know, things like movie title, star(s), main character, what it's rated, a brief summary of the plot, their favorite part, etc & then how THEY would rate the movie. Along with this, Chris has also been learning to edit our movies for us.....he has learned to do the video editing, but is still working with the audio editing. Of course he is practicing on movies that DON'T actually need the editing.....just practicing his the trick is for him to teach CLAY how to do this so we can make some more family-friendly movies. The other research that Chris & Ahsley are going to do is making a list of all the scarey movies they can think of & then they are going to research where they were filmed, what year they were made, etc. They are really into all the behind the scenes type stuff that comes with the dvds really IS interesting! Seeing the difference in the really OLD mummy & werewolf movies....where everything was filmed onstage with painted backgrounds & so forth. We also went off on the 'Sleepy Hollow' rabbit-trail....looking up info on Sleepy Hollow & Tarrytown, NY (geography) & Washington Irving & the lengendary tale of Sleepy Hollow (literature). I must say that I've been having fun with all this too! Oh & let's not leave out Music Appreciation.....they've been downloading theme songs & music from the different movies....gotta love that Phantom of the Opera music!

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