Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Taco Sauce Math

Just had to share our 'Unschooling' math moment from the other day......Clay had gone to Taco Bell the night before on his way home from work & he grabbed a handful of those little sauce packets to bring home because the kids love it on their tacos! Anyway, Michael found them in the frige the next morning & was tickled to death. He dumped them all out on the table & began to sort them into piles...mild, hot, fire....(sorting/classifying going on here). Then he counted each pile...27 mild, 27 hot & 20 fire (comparison). I heard this & decided to seize the moment & run with it....I asked him if he could figure how many we had altogether....after all, that is what we've been working on...adding 3 numbers together. His first response was that he'd dump them all out again & count them ALL. I told him NO, that we could just write down 27+27+20 & figure out the total. Well, he looked at me & said we have 74..... I asked him HOW he figured that up so fast (I'm still over here counting on my fingers)....he says 3 20s is 60 & 2 7s is 14 & that makes 74! Not exactly how 'I' was figuring it (27+27+20) but anyway.... ;-) One of those cool math lessons that he didn't even realize he had just had. I love it!!

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