Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

We had a really nice Christmas....still haven't gotten all the pictures uploaded & resized, but thought I'd share this one taken at Maw's Christmas evening. It was such a gorgeous day Thursday...unseasonably warm. But that was perfect for the boys......they both got guns for Christmas along with a box of skeets. So, they were able to go out in the field with Clay after lunch & they had a blast learning how to shoot skeets. Of course, Clay is so sore now because he was the chief skeet-flinger. ;-) Christmas evening we headed to Maw's house for our Christmas dinner & gift-opening there with her, Sarah & family.The girls & I ventured out yesterday out of was day.....but even though is was terribly, crazy busy....we still enjoyed our day & I was able to snag a few bargains along the way too. We had lunch at Cracker Barrel & I was able to pick up a couple of ornaments for 70% off PLUS I got a couple fo Christmas present too to put away for NEXT year. Just hope I can remember that. ;-) At Target, I picked up another Christmas gift for NEXT year along with some gift tags, Chrismtas Thank You notes & a little pack of Valentines. That was all 50% off & I spent exactly $5 there. At AC Moore we picked up some new acrylic Christmas stamps for .50 each. And last but not least, I got one of those big Martha Stewart snowflake punches from Walmart for $4. I was really tickled with all my bargain kind of shopping!!
Today is totally low-key. Clay drove the van, so I have no choice but to stay in today. Gave thought to taking down the decorations & cleaning up, but I think I really need a down day. Will just do laundry & watch the 'I Love Lucy' marathon that's on now til 2 this afternoon. I also want to scrap some.....NEED to find my's got to be around here somewhere. ;-)

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