Saturday, June 13, 2009

Enjoying the Morning....

Just sitting here sipping my coffee...listening to the birds outside....and the ceiling fan....aaahhhh! I'm TRYING to get caught up here with my Pictures of the Day......I'm up-to-date with taking them, it's just that I've gotten behind with resizing & uploading them. Our computer is S-O
-Day 158-
Last week, Chris & Jon had heard the blue jays making a ruckus outside, so Jon went to see if there might be a snake around or something. Sure enough, there was a big ole black snake up in the front tree. He took a shovel & carried it off out into the field. Fine & dandy....but later we heard the jays carrying on again & thought the snake must be back....come to find out that evidentally they were trying to teach their younguns to fly & the cats were pestering them. This little guy was in the bush over beside the garden & I guess they were just keeping a watchful eye on him.
-Day 157-
I came down the other morning to find Bootsie snoozing away up on the pool ladder. Too funny!
Then, I guess he got thirsty & decided he needed a drink. I was just waiting for him to fall in!! Why must they try to drink the pool water when they have their very own bowl of fresh clean kitty water?!

-Day 156-
The girls & I met Danielle & Alley at Cracker Barrel for lunch last Friday. I loved the picture that Ashely took once of all the candy sticks. So, not wanting to copy her, I decided to go for the toy shelves along the back wall. I love Cracker Barrel.

-Day 155-
Just a simple pic of the raindrops dancing in the pool.

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