Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Summer Days

-Day 180-
Fun Girly Day today......the girls & I met Ella, Alley & their kids for lunch today at Wendy's then we all headed over to the Dollar Theater to see the Hannah Montana movie. Maw, Sarah, Anna & Daniel met us there. It was such a cute movie.....one I could definitely watch again!!
My kids didn't want their picture taken afterwards, but Anna did......so I took a pic for them since Sarah didn't have her camera. Daniel was NOT too happy about it though. ;-)

-Day 179-
After church Sunday & getting lunch all cleaned up, I had to get down to business....more beans to can. The girls are such a big help....Alli was washing them all & picking all the little blossomy things & leaves out before we put them in the jars.


Sandee said...

Both of my girls are visiting during the next 2 weeks, maybe I can catch a chick flick with one of them. Sounds like so much fun to me.

Babydoll said...

My daughter would love to see that movie. Guess I'll have to wait for the DVD since we don't have a dollar movie. :)