Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back-To-School Pool Party

We had a Back-to-school pool party with our church the Sugar Mill Pool. We had a really good time. Everyone brought some kind of Italian dish, a dessert & a 2 liter. Ashley baked peanut butter cookies this afternoon & I made baked ziti to take. Quite a few folks turned out & the kids had a blast in the pool while the adults sat around & visited. After supper, a few of us ladies walked down to Steve & Kathy's house to have a cup of coffee.....their new house is really awesome! By the time we chit-chatted & drank our coffee, it was dark out & starting to thunder around the edges so we headed on home. A really nice evening....we were home by 9pm. Tired now though....think I'll piddle here for a bit & then go on up & read.

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