Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In Honor of Pop!

The kids decided they needed to get in the pool the other they could play with the pool lights. I couldn't see a bloomin' thing when I took these pictures......they turned out pretty good though, I think. Monday afternoon was spent re-arranging the upstairs bedroom. This massive dresser had not been moved in the whole 12 years we've lived here. Let's not even talk about the dust/dirt that was behind it when I moved it. Kate Gosselin would've fallen over dead! LOL (Any of you Jon & Kate followers will get that.....remember when they moved the deep freeze & she about freaked!) :-P~~~~~

Jon came in yesterday bringing me this awesome boquet of wildflowers. I just LOVE whatever that is that's RED in the middle! Was chatting with Maw online when he came in & she said that he picked this boquet in honor of Pop's BD yesterday......he would've been 79! Wow!
In honor of Pop.....we love you!!

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