Wednesday, August 05, 2009

'Sarah's Song'

Just finished reading this awesome book by Karen Kingsbury & thought I'd share with y'all.
The ritual is the same every December: twelve handmade paper ornaments & a small plastic Christmas tree. Twelve days for Sarah to remember her long-ago love. Twelve chances for Sarah to sing her song once more.....
'A portrait of divorce.
It was the same picture any time children were involved. Oh, sure, at first divorce promised freedom, an answer to every trouble marriage had a way of bringing. But divorce was a lie, a con-artist that moved into a family & stole the little moments, robbing every member blind. It was a hand grenade that shattered lives & destroyed dreams, taking no prisoners along the way.'
Sarah's Song:
It's not too late for faith to fins us.
Not too late for right to win.
Not too late, let love remind us.
Not too late to try again.
Proverbs 4:23-'Above all else, guard your heart.'

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