Sunday, December 06, 2009

O, Christmas Tree

Alli put my sunglasses on one of Clay's deer & they all laughed saying he looked like Ella's little avatar she had on her IM last fall.....he was one of those buddy icons that are animated & there was one where he had shades on & he'd say, 'Yep......I'm a deer!'
The kids finally got our tree all decorated last night. They did an excellent looks great!

Here's Gibbs....'helping' me as I put the lights on the tree.

And the little ginger bread house that Ashley & Alli made. Alli did most of the decorating all by herself. Ashley just helped on one side of the roof. This was one of my 'after-Christmas' bargains from last year.......a ginger bread kit for just $2.....including the frosting mix, decorating bag with two tips & all the candy pieces. Not bad! ;-)


Sandee said...

Your house has taken on a new look with the Christmas glow everywhere. Your tree is beautiful. If I lived closer, I'd bring hot cider and we could sit and chat over a cup or two.

Fatcat said...

I always wondered if the icing would good and still soft, etc. after a year, so I guess I'll pick up one after Christmas this year.

I love the tree and the kitty!