Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rudolph, the Cool Reindeer!

What a fun surprise to get in the mail!! Sandee are a trip....& we LOVE you! Alli got this little padded envie in the mail the other day addressed from Sandee & in it was this Santa hat with a note saying she had seen how Alli had put the sunglasses on Clay's deer & thought he needed a Santa hat for the season. So, here he all his glory! Merry Christmas, Sandee!! Just a few pics from our Homeschool party this past week at Maw's house. Really wish you could've been here, Sandee... we missed you!
Daniel & Jesse....aren't they just the cutest?!

And the girlies....they are just getting too grown up! Miss Anna will be celebrating her 8th birthday next week!

Here we all are singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.....Maw made the yummy brownie cake for Jesus' birthday cake.

My pretzel treats

And the platter of cookies that Ashley baked for us. I must brag on her here......let me back up....Clay says I can never tell a 'short story'.....he just doesn't understand that you have to have all the background details to make it work. He had worked third shift Sunday night...came home & slept til noon on Monday. He had mentioned that he & I ought to do some Christmas shopping when he got up & I kind of sighed telling him I'd like to, but we had so much to do to get ready for our party the next day.....cookies to bake, pretzel treats to make, Mexican dip, tea, etc, etc. But after he went to bed Ashley assured me she wouldn't mind at all doing the baking & so I thought we'll go & have a fun time & all will be ok. I have to feel that this afternoon was a big part of our Homeschooling even though it didn't involve one single text book. When we got home about 8:30.....the house was straight, dishes all done....Ashley had baked Neverland cookies, oatmeal, peanutbutter & chocolate chips. Not to mention fixing supper for the others.....chicken nuggets, fries & there was even a gallon of tea already made up in the frige & ready to go to the party the next day! The boys had tended to the wood stove & brought in firewood while we were gone. I have to feel proud knowing that at 14 & 16 years old they have a pretty good handle on what it takes to run a household. Anyways.....thank you for allowing me a 'proud mama moment'......I just felt like I needed to brag on them! ;-) Also have to say that we decided to share the love with our friends at Chickfila......we have the most awesome CFA....the employees there are terrific & always go out of their way to make our time there pleasant. I sent out another email before the party asking everyone to bake an extra batch of cookies & we'd pile a platter & take it over after the party. I fixed a card & had everyone sign it....even all the kiddos & we took it by there on our way home. They were so excited & tickled that we would think of them. Ashely & I also made a plate full to take out to our library ladies the other day. It's so much fun surprising our community friends with a little treat during the holidays to show them how much we appreciate them!

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