Sunday, December 20, 2009


We ended up with about 20" of snow.....started Friday afternoon about 3pm & snowed all night Friday night & all day yesterday til about supper time. Drifts were 3-4 ft. in places! This is a drift beside Chris' car.....the Subaru
Our driveway looking toward the house. Clay took this to show the guys at work that he REALLY couldn't get out & go anywhere yesterday!

The pig barn
The back of David's house & Paul's in the background.

Ashley & Michael standing behind a drift down at the barn. Look at that over-hang over Ashely's head!

The drifts out beside the house were really cool-looking! Ashley got some really awesome pics on her camera too. Will have to steal them from her & post some on here for y'all to see.

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Penny said...

great picts!!!