Monday, April 19, 2010

Playing Catch-Up Seems to be What I Do...

Tuesday 4/13~ Ashley & I had been wanting to go antique shopping again like we did last spring, so we just up & decided to go today. Sarah & them were in NC visiting for a few days, so Maw decided she would ride down & meet us & go too. We only got in one place...The Rockfish Country's our favorite anyway. The other one we really like was closed (only open Thurs.-Sun) so we'll have to hit that one another time. After our shopping, we stopped in to visit Aunt Linda real quick & she had to serve us pound cake, coffee & tea. We finished off our afternoon with a mocha frappe from McDs & then later for supper we fried up some fresh crappie. Mmm-mmm!

Thurs. 4/15~Happy Birthday to BIL, David! The boys headed out today to do some fishing at Smith Mountain Lake. The Bass Master's Tourney is there this weekend so that adds to the excitement.

Sat. 4/17~ Casting Crowns concert tonight at TRBC! Ashley, Jon & I picked Chris up at his dorm about 4:30pm & ran over to Chickfila to grab a quick supper. Boy, the place was PACKED! Big chartered buses & church vans everywhere. But with their usual flair, the CFA staff kept things moving right along...serving folks with their smiles, kind words & super efficiency! The concert was SUPER....gotta love Casting Crowns....they're awesome! Chatted with Clay a few times during the evening....while waiting in line & during intermission, etc. He's such a cool dad! He took Michael & Alli to Pizza Hut for supper & then they went to PAW (the pet store) & looked around for a good while & finally back to good ole Walmart. Everyone had a fun evening!

Sun. 4/18~ Ashley & I had our turn in the preschool Sunday School class this morning. We only had one little girl, but we had so much fun. She had run across a 'Daddy Long-Leg' when she first got there & was VERY into him. Took me back to one Sunday when Jon was about 2-3 yrs. old........he was big into collecting Lady Bugs & grass-hoppers, etc. at the time. Anyway, he found one in Sunday School & wanted to save it, but the teacher was going 'Eeeeeewwwwww.....gross! No Way! Gotta get rid of the critter!' Poor Jon was so upset about that. So, with that memory in mind.......I let D enjoy her Daddy Long-Leg. We even found a container that he could sit in & he listened to the Bible story with us. ;-) Kids are just so darn cute!! Gotta love 'em!!!!!!

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Sandee said...

Well, thanks for catching us up. I was thinking you must be up to something to be so quiet! I got a postcard from Ashley that she bought on your antiquing jaunt. Thanks, Ashley!