Monday, April 05, 2010

Stinkin' Internet Service

First off I have to point out that because we live out here in the boonies we have been having fits with them trying to get all the kinks worked out of our high speed internet service! For example....last weekend we had been without service all weekend until after church Sunday afternoon. So, we were good to go & I was playing 'catch-up' on a bunch of computer stuff. Then that evening we had a bad storm that zapped the internet service to our whole area....and we are still without service over a week later!! Thank goodness Clay was able to hook up our OLD computer over here in a corner of the living at least I have the old Dinosaur to play with. All that said because that is why my blog has been sorely neglected. No way to scan/post scrappy stuff or upload I finally decided that I will update here on all the fun stuff that's been going on & will just have to share the pics later when I can get back on the new computer.

First of all....our Girly Sleepover at Maw's house. The girls & I left last Tuesday afternoon to do a bit of shopping & then we headed on over to watch Daniel play his first Tball game. So cute watching all those little bitty guys out there playing ball. Took me back a few years ago when our boys were playing ball. Fun times!! After the game we headed back to Maw's house where we fixed homemade pizzas for supper. ( I cheated....had the crusts already made up ahead of time) After supper, the kids put their jammies on & set up camp downstairs in the bedroom....painting each other's nails, eating popcorn & watching movies...'Enchanted' & some Brady Bunch episodes. While they did more 'mature' girls claimed the living room....where we sipped coffee & watched 'Thoroughly Modern Millie'. Finally got everyone settled down around midnight, I think. Then we were up & at 'em early Wednesday morning.....about 7:30am. While I was in the shower, Ashley & Sarah went for a walk.....up to her house to get her clippers & hair-cutting scissors so Sarah could cut Ashley's hair. After the hair cut we all went to Subway for lunch & then downtown to check out the Community Market & just stroll the streets & see the sights. We walked from the market down several blocks to where you can see Monument Terrace & then down toward the river & Amazement Square. That was quite a nice little walk we got in there....especially coming back UP the hill when we were tired & hot. Sure was nice to sleep in our own beds that night, but we had a super fun time & all agreed we should do it again before too long. ;-)

Woke up yesterday morning with the words to an old hymn running through my head........'Up from the grave He arose...with a mighty triumph o'er his foes'. Now Maw is probably the only one who will understand where that is coming from. Let's just say that it takes me back to my childhood days of spending Easter down here at Memaw's house & going to church on Easter Sunday at Shipman Baptist Church. I'm thinking that I need to incorporate this into a scrapbook page somehow. Anyway, it was a GORGEOUS Easter Sunday....about 80 degrees. What a day to celebrate our risen saviour!! Chris met us at church since they don't do Campus Church on Easter Sunday & after church we all headed over to Maw's house for lunch & a fun afternoon of Easter egg hunting. To any of you Karen Kingsbury fans out there, you will understand this. I am in love with the Baxter Family & just pray that one day Clay & I can be like John & Elizabeth Baxter.....with all our grown kids around us & a houseful of grandchildren! That's what I was thinking yesterday as the house went from being total happy loud chaos to totally quiet as everyone gathered around the kitchen & Maw prayed before lunch. I couldn't help but sneak a peek around the room at my mom & sister & all our kids......what precious sight! It totally overwhelmed me. We are SO truely blessed! After lunch, Jon & Michael hid the eggs & then the younger 3 hunted for them. Just picture this.......a sunny hot afternoon, Easter eggs, chocolate candies, girls in pretty Easter dresses running barefoot through the yard, a long flower planter full of water on the patio (to cool your feet off in) & in the end.....some soppy, wet, very happy kiddos! Then to top the whole day off, I spent the evening sitting under my Dogwood tree reading while Michael went off down to the pond fishing (that boy has MAJOR fishing fever right now), Ashley & Jon took a walk together & Alli watered all her garden plants. is good!

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Patti said...

I am soooooo jealous! Love the visual pic you gave of Easter! And the girls night....adopt me!!!!

We had a full house at Easter also plus it was also my daughter Kari's birthday and her daughter Paige's first birthday on Sun. so for a day I got to enjoy what you have all the time.

Love the blessings!