Monday, May 07, 2012


I was sitting out on the front porch this morning with my coffee reading 'Essentials for Life For Women' by Marcia Ford. Thought I'd share this little snippet with you all..........

'His (God's) fingerprints are evident throughout the universe.  A stunning sunset behind a snowcapped mountain range, waves crashing against a shoreline, the grandeur of a rugged canyon, and the simple eloquence of an apple orchard all depict the care God took in fashioning the earth. He made certain that creation reflected his artistry. When words fail to convince people of God's existence, the wonder and beauty of creation often win them over.'

And here are the 'fingerprints' that I saw this morning from my front porch:

And let's not forget these.........yummy strawberries that Michael picked from Ashley's strawberry patch yesterday evening! Isn't God's handiwork amazing?!


Sandee said...

Strawberries in May? We can't even plant our gardens yet. We had frost all this past week and a fire in the woodburning stove.
We were talking about moving to Hawaii but maybe we should consider VA for some warmer weather!

Amy said...

These are just her plants from last year.

mommysews said...

Great musings - the pictures are great and the berries look delicious. (it is not nice to tease the rest of us with them - we don't have berries yet)