Saturday, May 19, 2012

'Give Me Your Eyes'

Just a quick little post that I HAD to share with y'all. Ashley came inside about 25 minutes ago.....she had been laying on a blanket under the Dogwood tree reading after supper. She was going upstairs to take a shower when she hollered back down to me that she had lost the little silver cross off her necklace. She figured it must have happened outside & was kind of patooed saying 'Well, I guess it's just lost.' I was washing the supper dishes & decided I was going out right then....before it got too dark & just see if I could find it. First off, I shook out the blanket she had been laying.....but there was nothing there. As I headed outside, I just prayed that God would help me find it.....that He would show me right where it was......because I knew this was special to Ashley.....her room-mate, Emily had given it to her. As I was walking around where she had been laying, it was funny but the words to Brand Heath's song 'Give Me Your Eyes' just randomly popped into my head. And of course you know the end of the story already, don't you? I found the little silver cross laying right out there in the grass where she had been reading. I love it when God answers our little, specific, everyday prayers for us!!


'Give me your eyes for just one second
Give me you eyes so I can see
Everything that I've been missing'

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