Saturday, May 05, 2012

My Thrifty Finds

Just thought I'd share a few of my bargain treasures that I found yesterday.

I hardly ever go look at the cds myself.....the girls do, but I just don't....for whatever reason. Anyway, since I was by myself yesterday I decided to just go see what I might find. I found this Francesca Battistelli cd for $5 at Walmart. WooHoo! I've got it on my computer now & I can also stick it in the van so I can listen to cds while I drive.
Since I was checking out music yesterday....I figured I may as well see what they had at Target too, right? I LOVE Jamie Grace & was tickled to find this one for $7.99I can't believe that I bought myself TWO cds.....but hey, for $13.....not too bad.  
The rest of these goodies came from Good Will. Sorry for the wonky photo of my top....but you get the drift. All of these shirts were $1 each.
These four are for Jon.....
...and these are Michael's.
I also found these Tracie Peterson books.....$1 apiece. I just love shopping days like this!


Fatcat said...

Good will here is more expensive, but there is a new thift store here in town that I'm going to check out.

donnamusing said...

You racked up! The GW in MH has shirts for $3, right? Where did you find the $1 ones?

Amy said...

Madison Heights, Donna. That's my favorite one to go to. They had the $bin of guys' Tshirts piled high yesterday....& they were all nice! That one I got had gotten tossed in by mistake, I guess...but the girl gave it to me for a $ anyway. ;-)

Sandee said...

I was at a quilt show on Friday, standing in a circle of ladies when one of them complimented me on how nice I looked. I stepped inside the circle, did a twirl and announced, "Thrift Store from top to bottom (except underthings)!" Then we all shared our favorite thrift store.
Recycling. I love it.