Monday, July 23, 2012

Art, art & more art

Not too much going on around here...just enjoying these summer days! Chris is off & spending some time at Damian's visiting with college friends. I'm so glad they still keep in touch. Clay & the boys went to play golf early this morning....part of Michael's birthday celebrating. (Tomorrow's his birthday)...& right now they are out in the front yard practicing their putting. Ashley is in the kitchen baking some banana bread....I'm thinking a cup of coffee in a little while will be just perfect with that.
Ok, so I saw this piece of paper laying on the dining room table earlier today with the words 'Please Draw On Me' written across the top. That's it. Who could resist? I was the first.....& drew that fat owl that said 'Hoooo, Me?' Next Alli came along & added the mustache to him & it just went from there. If you look closely you can see Sponge Bob, Patrick, Squidward, Elf, Jamie & Adam Harry Potter & his gang, Batman, Abe Lincoln.......
I found a new favorite blog over the weekend....through Pinterest, of course. She's an awesome mom, Homeschooler AND a wonderful artist. She is responsible for my renewed interest in my art journal. Nothing fancy, mind you.....but I've been having fun.


Sandee said...

Hmmmm, looks rather Zentanglish to me!

Fatcat said...

That's cool. All of it. Your art journal inspires me now I might have to start one.

Fatcat said...

Amy, here's that knitting pattern.

Cast on 45 sts.

Rows 1-4 ~ Purl across
Row 5 ~ P6, K6, (P3,K6) 3 times, P6.
Row 6 ~ Purl across
Rows 7-10 ~ Repeat Rows 5 and 6 twice.
Row 11 ~ P3, K3, (LT, K2, RT, K3) 4 Times, P3.
Row 12 ~ Purl across
Row 13 ~ P3, K4, LT, RT, (K5, LT, RT) 3 times, K4, P3.
Row 14 ~ Purl across
Row 15 ~ P3, K5, RT, (K7, RT) 3 times, K5, P3.
Row 16 ~ Purl across
Row 17 ~ P3, K4, RT, LT, (K5, RT, LT) 3 times, K4, P3.
Row 18 ~ Purl across
Row 19 ~ P3, K3, (RT, K2, LT, K3) 4 times, P3.
Row 20 ~ Purl across
Rows 21-52 ~ Repeat Rows 5-20 twice.
Rows 53-57 ~ Repeat Rows 5 and 6 twice, then repeat Row 5 once more.
Rows 58-61 ~ Purl across

Bind off all sts in purl.

donnamusing said...

I <3 this whole post!