Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Windstorm 2012

Wow! What a weekend we've had! Lost our power Friday night before the storm actually got here. Clay says it wasn't actually a tornado, but a windstorm. We had gusts up to 80-100mph! Clay worked Saturday. Chris went in to work Sat....but there was no power out there at all, so he ended up coming on home. We grilled pork chops that night for supper & then all loaded in the van & went to Maw's house for showers. Even though they didn't have power either, they at least had water. Piddled around Walmart on Wards Rd. for a bit after that....just enjoying the cool. Bought some bottled water & then made stop by Starbucks & McDs before heading home. Those kids were hopped up on coffee & sweet tea then & feeling mighty fine at that point. LOL! Chris went back in to work when we got home Sat. night because Food Lion had gotten a generator & he worked until 2am helping them clean out/throw out all the spoiled foods. It was really a shame all the food they tossed!

 I was the only one to brave sleeping upstairs in my bed all those nights. Everyone else slept downstairs where it was a bit cooler. I just couldn't take sleeping on the floor. My bed was nice even though it was hot. I came down Sunday morning to find all my men laid out on sleeping bags on the front porch. It was a sight to see! LOL Just about the time Clay & the boys were heading out Sunday to find some ice in hopes of salvaging what we could from our freezers....our neighbor, Mason came up & told us he had a spare generator we could use. Talk about a blessing! The Lord really took care of us there. Especially after just getting a week's worth of groceries on Friday....I was so worried that we would loose all that. We were able to run the deep freeze, fridge, a fan & even the TV. We swapped things out here & there so I could wash up our sink full of dirty dishes & we randomly got showers too. 

You just don't know how excited we were to see the electric truck come driving through our field yesterday morning. Evidently Clay said they were cruising around checking the lines before they flipped the switch, because shortly after that...about 10:30am....our power came back on!! I know it sounds crazy, but I was SO happy to be washing dishes & doing laundry all the rest of the afternoon yesterday. I know I did at least 5 loads! I love that Alli said we needed to send those guys a Thank You card & even bake them some cookies. I'm glad to hear my kids have grateful/thankful hearts. I do indeed at least plan to Thank them for all their hard work!! So, without further ado.......here are some pictures of the mess around.

This is where Chris usually parks his car. Praise the Lord, Clay had him go move it when we first lost our power....before the storm actually got here. Clay went out & moved our van later on too.
That limb just barely missed Clay's little car. But we all laughed saying it was a miracle the car itself didn't get carried away in the wind. LOL
Another blessing.....that limb could very easily have poked through our bedroom window, but it didn't!
Window pane blew out of Uncle Richard's building...but didn't break!
Chris' car...safe & sound.
The chickens were Happy Campers Saturday morning.
Broken limbs off our peach tree down by the dog lot.
Peeled the tin roof off the old pig barn.
Here's the tin roof laying over against the fence.
Up close view of where it peeled the roof off.
Poor Jonsie in his 'little' cage inside.....sprawled out trying to stay cool in front of the fan. LOL!

It was all quite an adventure......truly a weekend to journal about. Praising the Lord for keeping us safe & thanking Him for the daily luxuries we so often take for granted!


Fatcat said...

Wow. I'm glad you all are okay.

Sandee said...

It is amazing the power of the wind. I am so glad you are okay. We saw some footage of the damages on the news.

donnamusing said...

Girl, you guys got it "crazy" over there! I still can't believe that one window didn't break!