Friday, June 29, 2012

Inspiration Wall

Check out these two inspiration walls......I found them through Pinterest, of course.
One is a fabulous overlapping collage of color. The other is an exhibit of order and creativity. Which one do you like the best? I'm excited to see which one you might choose. I'll come back later & post my choice. While you're telling me YOUR choice......which one do you think 'I'D' choose? Just for fun. ;-)


Fatcat said...

I would choose the top one and I think you would too, because the kind of creativity you have doesn't put things in order like the bottom one. That's my guess. Let's see if I'm right?

Creativity is not neat!


Sandee said...

My first instinct is the top one but the more I look at them, I would go with the bottom one because my eyes can focus on each piece easier. I appreciate the artwork in the bottom photo more than the top one.
Hmmmmm, after seeing your totes and albums all in order, I think you will select the bottom one.
My daughter just installed a system like the bottom one and I'll send a photo to you. It really is a sweet idea to display the family artwork. Hers was from Ikea.

Amy said...

Well, I must say that Dana is right. I immediately fell in love with that first wall. I like to say that my 'mess' is really 'creative clutter'. Sounds so much nicer that way, doesn't it?!

Amy said...
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Fatcat said...

Yes. Creative clutter or maybe creative remnants. We have them all over the house. :-)

donnamusing said...

I Love the bottom one! :) The top one stresses me out! ;)