Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chalk Drawing

Just a quick little post before we head off to NYC again. Who would have thought.....TWICE in one year?! This time, Clay is going back to the same pest control seminar/classes that Frito Lay sent him to last year in May. This time though, he's taking Ashley & I with him. She is SO excited!! 
This is Alli's chalk drawing that she did out on our front porch. I mean really....just look at the shading & depth. She says she'd really love to try & draw one of those chalk drawings that looks like a big hole in the ground or something like that. I'm sure with a little practice, she could do it!


Fatcat said...

That is really cool. She should try some of the chalk on suede drawings. My kids did one last year in an art class. It turned out really cool.

Fatcat said...

It appears that I say "really cool" and awful lot. In my defense, I'm not finished with my coffee yet this morning, so maybe my vocabulary hasn't woke up yet.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Congrats about getting to go to New York again. I wish my husband's company would send him somewhere interesting. :-)