Sunday, June 03, 2012

Catch Up

Goodness gracious, it's been forever since I really wrote anything here. Figured I'd post a few pictures from my days & catch up a bit.

On Monday, two weeks ago we all loaded up & headed out to Motley's Strawberry Farm in Gretna.
It was such a pretty day...not too hot. We picked 50+ lbs of strawberries......30# for our neighbor, Gail & 20# for us. Clay & Michael made some strawberry preserves.....8 pints.....& we froze the rest to have for later on.
Mr. Rocky celebrated his second birthday. Of course, he got some new toys to open on his special day.
The boys' latest hobby this spring is golf. Clay has always loved golf & after watching it on TV, he got really interested in it again. He figured it was something he & the boys could do together. They started off using the old clubs that Clay & Chris had & since, they've bought some off of ebay & also a few things from 'Play it Again Sports'. They have a spot out in the front yard where they can practice their chipping......
....and now that they've cut the hay.....they can do some SERIOUS practicing out in the field. They can walk it off & judge about how far they are hitting the ball. This is going down on the school transcripts under PE. ;-)
I had to snap a picture of the home-building progress. This is Brett & Leslie Carter's house being built down the hill from us.
Bad picture, I know.....but I wanted to share this cute little treat/gift/goodie box I made for a challenge over at Cookin' Up Creations. SO simple & such a cute idea. Will definitely be making more of these for our parties!!
The past couple of days, Jon has been busy working on revamping this old chicken roosting/nesting pen......he's fixing it up & building new legs for it so it can be our new Bunny Hutch for Jonsie. He NEEDS a bigger cage & he will enjoy being outside!
It's amazing what a difference a few days can make. Just look at Brett & Leslie's house now!
And lastly, I took this today after church. This is where 'David's Place' USED to be. The place where all the Worship majors studied. They tore that building down to make room for the new baseball field they will be building.


Fatcat said...

Golf - 101, LoL.

Amy said...

Yes ma'am.....don't you laugh! He's been teaching them alot & they are really improving AND spending quality time together.