Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Ashley has been wanting to go antiquing in Amherst for a while now. Since she got out of school for the summer, actually. Anyways....it was always one thing or another & so today we finally decided to just go. Maw met up with us & we had a fun time browsing around Lou's Antique Mall.

 Didn't get to go into the cute little vintage dress shop she loves so much....they were closed today.
But we did score at Good Will! I spent a whopping $4.62. 
I found these awesome crocheted squares in the bin with the sheets & pillowcases, etc. I asked the girl how much they were & she said .25. I think I'm going to make a throw pillow/cushion with them.
Ashley....my Book Worm....found all these. The Anne of Green Gables book, Jacob Have I Loved & the Lemony Snicket books were all 'children's books' & so they only cost .35 each.  The PRIZE of the day was the English 102 text  that she will need this fall for school........somewhere around a $60 textbook......for $1! We were certainly doing 'The Dance of Joy'.

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