Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day & a New Car

Clay had a nice 'relaxin' day yesterday for Father's Day. He & the boys enjoyed watching golf all afternoon. Then Jon grilled us some London Broil for supper while I fixed baked potatoes & salad. Ashley had planned on baking Clay a cherry pie for his dessert, but forgot that we just recently used up our last quart of frozen cherries. So........we ended up with ice cream for dessert.....especially since Alli had been telling Clay ALL afternoon how much he 'NEEDED' ice cream for Father's Day. *insert rolling eyes here!*

Ashley drove us out to Food Lion to pick out some ice cream while Clay & the boys hit some golf balls out in the field. Who knew Food Lion could be so much fun on a Sunday evening?!
Clay, Jon & Michael left EARLY this morning to go play golf at Poplar Forest....continuing  the Father's Day celebration today. ;-) Then Chris went to meet them this afternoon once they were done playing. Clay's buddy at work had a friend who was selling his car & he wanted Chris to see it & drive it. It was a really good deal & a definite step up from the old one he's been driving. This is a 2004 Ford Taurus. His first VERY OWN car. He's pretty tickled! And I'm so thankful that he's learning the value of buying used. Like the Duggars teach their kids......'buy used & save the difference!'
And last but not least today. A little hooky goodness. A Nubby dishcloth that I finished off last night. This was a really quick & easy one to work up & I love the NUBBY texture! Great for dish washing.

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