Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm Always Playing Catch-Up.....

Goodness....why am I always playing 'catch-up' with my blog these days? I know one reason is that someone's done something with my pictures on here. Or should I say HOW I put the pictures from camera to computer & the resizing & all. It's driving me nuts trying to figure out......so I guess I've just been avoiding the whole deal. :-P

Ok....so it looks like I've got it figured out. At least for the moment anyway. We celebrated Michael's 15th birthday last Tuesday. We had Chinese for supper per the BD boy's request.....& then chocolate cake later for dessert. Can you believe that I actually had 15 'normal' candles to go on his cake. (Little family joke there)
Just look at the Chubby Charlie! He was watching Michael blow out his candles.
Continuing the BD celebration. Aunt Vada ALWAYS knows just the right thing to send the kids. She sent two packs of water balloons. What could be any better on a HOT July day?!
All my pictures were taken from the front porch as I tried to stay dry. Jon came mighty close to getting me in that last picture. LOL! They got a few of the cats too in the process.
Just look at that baby. He LOVES getting spoiled by the girls.


We had a fun day this past Saturday. Ashley had been wanting to go to some yard sales this summer & so Clay took a day off so he could take her & Jon. Is that not just the sweetest thing a daddy could do?! We didn't find an awful lot, but we sure had fun together. We got the kids a 32" TV for the bedroom upstairs....for movies & video games. $20 over in Wyndhurst. I picked up a few books & a Matt Redman cd for $2. After yard sales, we checked out the used book store on Fort Ave. Then on downtown to the community market & the seed store. We got some fresh veggies.....maters, corn-on-the-cob, squash & some cantelope. Our last stop of the day was out here at Saunder's orchard for some peaches & apples. We also got THE BEST homemade ice cream in a waffle cone while at the orchard. Oh. my. gosh.....it was SO good! What a treat!! Later Saturday evening we grilled some burgers & dogs & ate our fresh veggies.


Sunday after church was another one of those times that makes me thank God for my hubby.....he's such a good daddy. We have been working on our drainage piping out here from the kitchen. It was all clogged up & the boys had done all the digging.....digging the old piping up & we needed to make a run by Lowes for some new piping. We couldn't stop on our way home from church....just not enough room with everyone in the van together, so Clay figured he'd go after lunch. He & the boys were going to of course sneak in a little side trip to 'Play-It-Again Sports' & Dicks. Well, for some unknown reason, Alli decided she wanted to go with them. She can squabble with her brothers one minute & then turn right around like this & decide that she wants to go & be the only girl. Go figure! She DID have an ulterior motive though. She's been begging all summer for us to make some homemade peach ice cream & with those fresh peaches from the orchard, we had NO excuse not to. So, she went along to be in charge of buying the proper ingredients for the ice cream. Well, that just left me & Ashley home by ourselves for the afternoon. Goodness....what ever is one to do with a few hours of total quiet?! Ashley holed up in her room upstairs & read in peace & quiet. Me.....get this.......I sat my butt on the couch...... I know.......I don't EVER do that.....& watched Chick Flicks! I watched the end of 'the Secret Life of Bees' & after that, I watched most of 'The Memory Keeper's Daughter'. I've read the Secret Life of Bees & loved it. Really want to watch that movie again....the WHOLE thing. And I had only heard about the other one. The movie was really good.....I guess I watched about 3/4 of it....didn't get to see how it all ended. I need to read the book now. But anyway.....it sure was a nice afternoon for everyone. I crocheted on this baby blanket I'm working on the whole time....so I wasn't being a total slob! LOL Oh & by the way......that peach ice cream Alli & Clay made was SO Yummy! I want some more.

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Cindy Gay said...

Is the cat bigger than the dog? Gotta love Chubby Charlie. I have one that size "Sugar" a female calico.