Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lots of fun Life Learning

Thought I'd do a quick run-down of some of the stuff we've been doing/learning around here the past few days.
**I started jotting things down last Monday (4/8).....Beautiful the smell of freshly cut grass!! Everyone's outside doing stuff. Clay is mowing, Michael is hauling brush to the brush pile, I've been hanging clothes out on the line. The boys moved Jonsie (the rabbit) back to the North side of the house for the warmer months so he won't get too hot. Alli is laying on the quilt & I'm now going to finish my knitted dishcloth. Love just hanging out 'Doing Life' together as a family!
**Clay, Chris, Ashley, Jon & I recently got new cell phones. Samsung Galaxy. And alot of time has been spent playing with & learning about out new phones. And believe it or not, I'm learning how to text!
**working on vehicles, the lawn mower, tiller, etc.
** Alli made a really cool ear ring holder. She found the idea on Pinterest & just got busy & did it!
**We also got 6 new baby chicks. The boys built a big wooden box to keep them in the first little bit. They are in Clay's workshop. Michael is the main caretaker of the little ones.....keeping the heat lamp adjusted just right & keeping them fed & watered. The chickens/eggs have mainly been Jon's responsibility, but that will pass on to Michael when Jon goes to school this fall.
This little cutie is Patsy.
**Michael has been studying the driver's manual in preparation for getting his learner's permit. Also practicing turkey calls ALL the time. It's spring turkey season here & he & Jon have been going out each evening trying to see if they can roost a turkey.

 **And then there's golf. This time of year Michael seems to have a golf club in his hand most of the time. He practices his putting on a fleece blanket in the dining room floor. Chipping in the front yard. And of course they watched every little bit of the Master's Tournament that they possibly could.
Plus any other golf show he can find. Clay, Jon & Michael have been to play twice already this spring at Poplar Grove in Amherst.
And Aunt Linda suggested to me yesterday that he might look into the possibility of a summer job at the Wintergreen golf courses once he turns 16. Nothing like working & making some money plus getting some free play time too.
**Jon spent this past weekend celebrating his 18th birthday while enjoying a fun-filled few days at Liberty University's College-For-A-Weekend (CFAW)
He got to attend convo & several classes with some of Ashley's friends. He went to the Tenth Avenue North concert. Enjoyed learing to ice skate, rock-climbing, paint ball, horseback riding & so much more. He's also been busy trying to find a summer job to make a little money before heading to school in the fall. He's already filled out his first application for Food Lion.

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