Friday, April 19, 2013

Owls, Mangos & Chess......Oh My!

I came home from town today & the boys were excited again to share with me what they had learned today. (I'm loving this!) They googled today to LISTEN to the different sounds made by yesterday's owls. Come to find out the Screech Owl isn't really the one that makes the screeching noise they say they've heard out in the woods before, but it's actually The Barn Owl. Listen to it HERE.
Miss Alli has been on a smoothie kick here recently. And I love the fact that she doesn't hesitate to hop on here & google a recipe or different fruit combinations. Last week she got two Kiwis from the store. And this week she decided she wanted to try a mango.

And the cool part is the learning that's involved here. She looks up how to peel/prepare/store the fruit & it turns into quite a nice little science/health/nutrition lesson.


The other thing that has been going on for the past several evenings is a friendly game of chess amongst the siblings.

Michael & Alli just finished their game & now Jon is challenging Michael. Chris wants his turn too. I love it!


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