Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Stuff

Was telling Maw this morning about a beautiful afghan that Aunt Linda gave me yesterday. The story behind it makes it extra-special. Seems she crocheted these granny squares when she was expecting her twins. Memaw put it together for her & did the border. But then she had a miscarriage & lost the twins. That was 36/38 years ago.....I can't remember exactly. But she had pulled it down from the shelf in her closet & asked if I wanted it. She said it wasn't doing her any good stuffed in her closet. What a special gift to receive......especially with the story that goes with it. This will certainly be loved & I'll be sure to pass the story down along with the afghan.
Three little Good Will finds that I picked up this past Friday. I love that little oval plate...very similar to the larger restaurant-type plate that Sarah gave me which I adore & use ALL the time. It's MY plate! And the little bitty dish....I picked up for a quarter. It sits on my kitchen table & that's what I put my vitamins/suppliments in each morning. And then the little pitcher.....I just fell in love with & besides it matches a larger one I have here that was Memaw's. This is sitting in my window sill now.....perfect for holding little spring blossoms.
Barefoot weather, folks. After reading tons of articles....I'm bare-footing all the time.
And Maw was asking about the big were they getting, etc......
Before ya know it, they will graduate to the regular chicken house with the others.

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