Friday, September 18, 2009


For a week now, Ashley & Jon have been SO excited about the youth all-nighter at church tonight. Clay had been needing to do a few repairs on his little blue car & get it inspected so we would have two vehicles for this little shindig. So he could go to work Sat. & I'd have the van so I could go pick them up. Anyway, he got new tires put on & it was all good to go & last night we were going to drop it off down at Jack's so they could inspect it first thing this morning. Well, we didn't make it as far as Buddy & Ena's house when Clay's car just konked on him. He couldn't get it started or anything. Tried letting it roll back & kicking it into gear, but nothing worked. So, he rolled it to the side of the road & we went to get Mason's help. He towed the car back up the drive for us & we proceeded to try & figure out what we could do to remedy the situation.....because Clay was bound & determined that the kids were gonna get to go tonight because he knew how excited they were about it. Anyway......when Alli & I left for town this morning we had several different options swirling he & Jon were going to take the car over to Mason's & see if they couldn't go over it & figure out the problem. I just simply prayed for a miracle...........whichever way it worked would be fine, I just really knew that this NEEDED to work out for the kid's sake. Fast forward to about 2:30pm this afternoon & Clay called me on my cell at Walmart to tell me it was done! They had figured out it was some coil & they were able to replace it with one off the old green Ford truck that he had bought for parts. He says it runs as good as new now. Inspected & good to go for another year! How awesome is that?! God is so the little every day miracles!! Alli & I dropped them off at 7pm & will pick them up in the morning. They have gone armed with Ashley's camera, our camcorder & my cell they can call Chris tonight (IF they get bored...LOL) More like wanting to keep him up with all that's going on. I love it!

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Sandee said...

I just love happy endings.