Saturday, September 19, 2009


Got a text from Ashley about 7:50am this morning telling me I could come on & get them....that folks were starting to leave already. So, I hustled Michael & Alli out of bed & we headed to church to pick them up. From all the silly giggly chatter all the way home, I gather they had a pretty good time last night. Here's some of what went on......Our Last Oath played for about an hour (like from midnight til 1am, I think), lots of Pizza Hut pizza, snacks, Guitar Hero, frisbee dodge ball, duct taping people to the walls, dying Christian's hair yellow & shaving his legs because of the number of visitors that were brought......Jon has video for us to watch later & Ashley has pictures....hoepfully I can snitch a few for a scrapbook page. ;-) They are off upstairs snoozing away for the time being. Gorgeous, gorgeous fall day today.....just perfect! Michael & Alli are outside playing & I've got laundry hung out on the line. Going to fold a few more baskets of clothes & then I think I might just try & scrap some this afternoon. Or.....I just might be lured outside to read for a while under my tree.

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