Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Picture Day at Maw's

Today Ashley & I headed to Maw's house to help her sort through pictures & put together some photo collages for the family reunion coming up in a little over a week. We had planned to do this about 3 weeks ago & then Sarah ended up getting pneumonia & we postponed it. So.... just now getting around to it. But we accomplished what we set out to do today....after lots of visiting & remembering as we looked through tons of pictures....we ended up with two big photo collages of past reunions & relatives. Hope everyone has as much fun looking at them as we did putting them together!!Maw had told us about this little Bambi deer that had been living in her neighbor, Ginger's backyard. Something happened to the mother & this little guy has just been living in her jungle of a back yard. It's totally NOT scared of people or dogs or anything. So cute!!
After leaving Maw's house this afternoon....Ashley & I decided to drive up to the new Liberty University Snowflex & just look around.

This is a little too scarey for my taste!! See that black dot just over the crest of the hill....that's a guy & the middle of a sumersault! No way....Not me!!! That was the ski slope...over to the right there is the snowboard slope. We watched a guy come down & wipe out in the gravel over there on the far right. Again....NOPE, not for me!!

The inside of the lodge is awesome.....the smell of fresh new wood....Mmmmm.....smells terrific! And all the 'critter's on the walls......Jon has GOT to go check this out....he'd love it. Just to the left of this frame is a huge bear standing full height.....very cool!

And the view out front is amazing! I wanted to get a picture of the Peaks of Otter off in the distance, but the sun was directly in our faces so it didn't turn out. Ashley is looking down on the practice slope.....there was a guy out there teaching another guy how to snowboard. I think I might could handle THIS slope.......LOL!

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Sandee said...

I'm getting so excited...I actually get to look at those photo collages UP CLOSE and in person!!!! I've unpacked and re-packed my suitcase so many times it is ridiculous!!! Mom's excited about visiting your church.