Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Little Catching Up....

This past Sunday Calvary Chapel Amherst celebrated their 10th anniversary. Hard to believe that we've been there almost that whole time ourselves......8 of those 10 years. We had a really nice time....Maw & Ella were able to join us. After church, we had a potluck dinner with lots of interviews/videos/pictures from over the years.
Some our 'Unschooling' activities from this past week. The boys have been making MAJOR headway on our wood supply! We have our whole usual row all filled & here they are putting in stakes for a whole 'nother row of wood alongside the original one. While the boys were out tending to the firewood, Alli & I had a class in paper flower making. She had seen the paper rose I made last week & was really wanting me to teach her how. Above are a few of her first attempts.....I think she's doing an awesome job!!

As we continue on in our BOM challenges......this week's challenge was to do a page about all the quirky, funky things we love. Whether it's chocolate (or in my case coffee), a favorite store, music, hobby, etc. Whatever it's your chance to document it.

Sarah's Family Christmas picture from 2009.


Sandee said...

I sure would have enjoyed celebrating those 10 years with y'all! (But I wouldn't stand next to the lady with all the perfume!)
Alli's roses are beautiful!
I love the way your family is so doggone talented!

Shelly said...

I love your blog. Looks like you all have been having fun making lots of neat things lately. Hope to see you soon. Love ya! :)