Sunday, January 03, 2010

A Page a Day

Maw was telling me the other day that she heard somewhere if you wrote a page each day for a year, then by the end of the year, you'd have a book. goal for this year? Instead of a picture a day could I write a page a day? I do love going back & reading old journal/blog entries. I just might give it a go.......we'll see how it plays out. Let me back up a few days & recap here..... NYE~ the three oldest kiddos...Chris, Ashley & Jon got to go to Winterfest at LU. They had been so looking forward to this for months & they were so excited. They said they had an awesome time & are already planning on saving their money & going again next year. Since they were off partying, Clay decided to bring Bojangles home for supper as a treat for Michael & Alli. They were tickled. We ate supper while watching an episode of NCIS with Michael (Alli doesn't care for that at all). Then it was Alli's turn to pick....we watched 'Princess Diaries 2' while Michael played some video games. Clay had to go in to work 3rd we all headed up to bed around 11ish when he left. They fell on asleep & I managed to stay up reading until a little past midnight, so I rung the New Year in quietly in my bed. Aaaahhhh!
New Year's Day~I headed off to town to get groceries by myself. Trying to get back onto my normal Friday routine here. I've been so 'off' over the holidays. When I got home, they were all so excited telling me all about their evening & showing me pictures/video. Chris took up a whole dang memory card full of pics & video. I will definitely be snagging some of these for a scrapbook page.
Sat. 1/2~ The girls & I headed off to Anna's BD party at 11. I can't believe that she's 8 years old already! We had a really nice time....a quiet little pizza party.....with Mari & Katelyn, a little girl from Sunday School & one from piano lessons. The girls had a blast playing & the rest of us enjoyed a nice gab session around Sarah's dining room table.
Sun. 1/3~Dang cold here this mornig!!! It's a wonder in this world that our water wasn't frozen when we got up. I really was expecting it to be.....I had made sure to fix a pot of water so I could have coffee this morning. Gotta get your priorities straight, right?! We had also put a little heater out on the back porch near the pipes & also out in the pump house plus letting the water drip during the night. Guess it worked. ;-) Church & then home for lunch & a relaxing afternoon. Watched NCIS with Michael while crocheting some, then I did some laundry & piddled around until time for supper. I'm aiming to start back to school tomorrow.......I know Ashley will be at it. She's so close to finishing her math book right now...just a couple more lessons. I don't think the others share her enthusiasm about getting back at it. But the best thing to do is just jump in there & get going. Chris doesn't have to be back until the 18th.
And to finish off my's a LO I did this week. It scanned a little lop-sided so you'll just have to pretend that everything is really is IRL. Sarah did the coolest thing with her Thank You notes for Daniel's BD gifts.....she took a picture of him with each gift he recieved, printed them & pasted them onto the front of a plain white card & wrote her Thank You inside. What a cool & personal idea. I just cut the card in half & placed the pic & note side by side on my LO & & instant journaling.
Think I'm gonna go sit in here by the woodstove & corchet for a bit now before I head up to bed. Hope everyone stays warm tonight!!

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Sandee said...

Dear Amy,
I'm looking forward to your writing every day. I'm still introspecting and trying to sort out my priorities. Love you bunches!