Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Little This & A Little That...

Why am I having such a hard time keeping up with posting here. Sheesh.....whatever happened to my writing a page a day toward my novel? Oh yeah.....that was MAW'S idea. LOL And it was a good one too....I'm just not doing so well at keeping up with it. I got really inspired though after having lunch with Chris Friday & chatting about his different classes & such. In one class they are really concentrating on fonts.....drawing them to scale, recognizing different ones when you see them, etc. It surprises me to realize how much I already know about what he's talking about just from stuff I've learned over the years through scrapbooking. In my magazines & such I've read articles about fonts...which ones are easiest to read....choosing certain ones for specific effects & what-not. And then he got to talking about a Creative Writing class that he really wants to take next year. Not to mention his illustrative efforts for his art classes......for one class project he had to illustrate a literary work & he chose his room-mate's book that he's written. It's kind of a fantasy type book.....similar to the Chronicles of Narnia. Matt is looking toward getting his books published one day & I told Chris, he might just have his foot in the door......Author: Matt H & Illustrated by: Chris Bunner. Ya never know! Thought I'd share my latest creations. I whipped this little card up the other of my Magic Mesh projects for this month. Magic Mesh was one of our sponsors this month at Cookin' Up Creations.

This was done for the BOM challenge this week. 'Home Sweet Home' This is your chance to record your feelings about your home for future generations. You can take whatever angle you want with this your current house, talk about your childhood home, the town you live in, or your hometown...whatever you think is important to you! On the journaling tag I'm going to write about how this was my grandmother's home....the house my mom, her brother & sisters grew up in & that now I'm raising my family in.

We have more snow on the ground now. We actually still had some tiny piles here & yonder from the snow we got over a month ago in Dec! We have about a foot on the ground out here now. It started late Friday night/early Saturday morning & snowed most ALL day yesterday. Pastor Steve cancelled our church services for today for which I am very thankful....although we wouldn't have been going anywhere anyway....besides a foot of snow on the ground...Jon & Michael are chugged up & snotty. They do NOT need to get out in this. I hate it when they feel so bad. Alli & Ashley both had it too....but it seems like they had it & got over it in just a few days. These boys sound terrible & I can tell they feel pretty rotten too. Anyway....I'm just happy as a clam to be cozied up in here by the fire looking out at all the pretty snow. But you know what.........I sure am looking forward to Spring & some warm sunny days of sitting outside reading!

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Lisa J. said...

Those papers you used are beautiful! I am loving the Winter Wonderland. Hope to see you over at LP some more. :)