Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winterfest Pics & some Scrappy Challenges

I snitched some pics from Ashley......just a few they took the night they went to Winterfest up at LU. Mercy Me

Silly mom that I am.....I love it when little bro puts his arm around his big sis! Aren't they sweet together?! Anyone remember this......'We're twins, we're twins....we're really, really twins'? LOL That's what they used to go around saying all the time when they were about 3 & 4 years old & just look at 'em now.

Jon & Chris acting like Goof-Balls...well, at least Jon is....but that's pretty normal for him!

Week 3 for our Book of Me challenges...Reasons I Should Love Myself.

I made this paper rose today as part of our Blog Hop. This was Suzanne's challenge & the directions can be found HERE. It really wasn't hard at all once you get the hang of it. The girls are dying for me to teach them how to do these too.

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