Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Once Upon A Time......

There Lived 2 Beautiful Princesses....I had had a couple pieces from this paper line, 'Once Upon A Time' from DCWV, a while back & really liked it. So, when I ran across this stack of paper at Target the other day fro $4, I snatched it up. The above photos are of Ashley holding Ma-Lady....our 'Grandma Cat' who just had kittens & Alli is holding Bootsie-Bob.....back in 2002.

Another quick LO using these papers.....from my student teaching time in Mrs. Hammer's kindergarten class at Tomahwak Elementary School back in 1986. The journaling reads: Once Upon A Time......there was a young girl who loved children & had a dream of teaching one day. Little did she know then that God had a different type of classroom in mind for her. The classroom of life...centered in her very own home where she would teach 5 of the most awesome students ever....her own kids!

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Sandee said...

If there were national awards for the best homeschool mom around, I'd nominate you for certain! Awesome job, Amy.