Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Trying Out...

the new scanner....just a few of my most recent creations....Chris' 21st birthday celebration at Maw's house. I just realized that I cut the top of the layout off.....There's a big '21' up there in the right hand corner.
Family photo shoot this past Christmas.

Gibbs all cozied up on the wood pile in front of the wood stove.

Alli right after she got her ears pierced & 6 weeks later when she got to take the studs out & wear her new silver hoop earrings that she got for Christmas.


Lisa J. said...

I love your pages. Do you have a 12 by 12 scanner? If so i am so envious. :)

Fatcat said...

Love the pages. I especially love the birthday cake, it's so cute with all those candles in it!