Friday, March 19, 2010

Shopping & Starbucks

The girls & I headed out yesterday for a little shopping. Ashley was needing to find an Easter outift...Alli already had her dress. We hit the mall first because I had to return a pair of shoes for Clay then we met up with Maw, Sarah & the kids for a little coffee break at Starbucks. Yum! After Starbucks, we headed across the road to Target. Found some really good bargains while we were there yesterday. Ashley found her a dress for Easter, I got a pad of scrapping paper for $4, some Target brand granola bars....some for Chris to take back to school & some for the food pantry at church....49 cents a box & best of all was the first two seasons of 'I Love Lucy' on dvd that I stumbled across for only $15! Ashley was SO tickled. We all love Lucy & she had been wanting to find a good deal on the seasons to buy. So, this made for a nice early Easter treat. As we were getting ready to check out at Target I got a call from Clay. He & the boys had decided to make a trial run of sorts with the boat....just going to Monacan Park...not too far away. Anyway, he noticed the truck was overheating & was able to pull over.....on the side of 29 right before they got to Amherst High School. Thank goodness he caught us right before we left & I was able to pick him up some antifreeze & water. What an adventure.....when we got there & he poured water into the truck, he was able to see that a hose had busted. So, off we go....BACK to town to get a new hose......then back to sit on the side of the road while he fixed the hose.....all this with cars whizzing by us at 70 mph!

Finally got the hose fixed up & then we followed them home to make sure they made it safe & sound. I tell ya.....what an ending to our day! It was nearly 8pm by the time we ate some supper. Always need a little adventure in your life to keep things interesting...LOL ;-)

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