Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fortune/Purvis Family Reunion

Saturday, September 11,2010 we celebrated our annual Family Reunion over at Uncle Skippy's house. It was awesome weather....folks actually wore jackets especially in the late afternoon/evening. A welcome break from the heat & humidity we had been having! I must say that we REALLY missed Sandee & just wasn't the same without you guys. ;-)Aunt Linda's famous pound cake.
Maw (Kathy) & Linda

Clay & my cousin on Pop's side of the family, Kyle Hendricks

Skippy & Maw......she looks a little tired, doesn't she?

David Purvis & his band
My BIL, David Bennett joined in on the keyboard

After lunch, the kids walked over to the house to check on Rocky & bring him to the reunion to meet everyone.

Alli, Anna & Ashley...............
gosh, I remember a pic VERY similar to this, taken on this very front porch, but it was Sarah, Mari & Chrissy.........a whole new generation now!

Kristi & Baby Milly

The Hendricks cousins:
Me, Kyle & Sarah

Alli was sketching a pic of Anna while Delia watched

I was amazed at how Cora was able to zonk right there in the middle of everything.....folks talking, the band playing & look at her just a-snoozin' away.

Alli, Katelyn, Anna & Daniel were enjoying a little peace & quiet out under Uncle Skippy's apple trees.

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Sandee said...

Oh sure, just have fun without us! And what's the deal about those family photos where everyone gets taller except you?!
(Sigh) ... all I can say is that I was certainly there in spirit!