Sunday, September 26, 2010

Road Trip

The Sunday after the Reunion we loaded up & headed to NC to visit Clay's folks & to meet Brian & Amy's newest addition, Eli. This was Rocky's first REAL trip of any distance & he was a super traveler!

He loved riding, but I think his favorite part was stopping at McDonald's for lunch & eating all the fries the kids would drop for him.....accidentally, of course! LOL

Meet little Eli Bunner. Isn't he just the cutest?!

Eli & Uncle Clay

Brian, Eli & Amy

Taken from the back deck....


Monday we headed to Concord Mills for some shopping. So glad I always have my camera in my purse. Who knew shopping could be so much fun!?

The girls in the Disney Store with Mad Hatter wigs/hats on.

In the Halloween store.....Michael with his dreadlocks
These are my two beautiful daughters....LOL comment!
Alli sporting some dreads of her own.

After shopping & lunch, we headed over to visit Papaw at his frame shop. Below are a couple of the kids' favorite paintings that they saw.

I especially LOVED this one of Grandpa Bunner's house in Indiana. He gave us another painting very similar to this one....just done from a different angle. What a treasure to have!

I know the sun was at a terrible angle for this shot, but I HAD to get one of the kids standing under Papaw's flag outside his shop. I have one taken under this flag way back several years ago when the kids were smaller & Grandpa Bunner was still alive & visiting too.

Papaw took this one for us.
And a peek inside Papw's shop.

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